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Agata Hunek
e-mail: agapumilo@gmail.com
phone: +48 691586346
we live near Lublin, Poland

About us

My name’s Agata. As can you see browsing this website, my hobby is cynology.
My first dog was called Timek. He also belonged to my sister and brother. Timek arrived to our house one autumn, when my brother brought him without my parents’ knowledge. It was kind of strange but my parents accepted it and Timek became a member of our family. The dog resembled average sized poodle, he had black, curly coat. He has lived for 16 years with us. It was sad for me when I left him. I got married and Timek stayed in his house. My sister Monika was taking care of him.

Then, in my “adulthood” the first animal in our house was turtle Stones. After Timek’s death my brother bought AST - CERBER Nurian. Marcin was showing him a lot. Cerber became Polish Champion. I found myself into dog shows too. But I prefer longhaired breeds. So in July 1998 little yorkie Deisy Mi-Rosz arrived to my house. I went to a dog show and soon I found out that I don’t know anything about grooming or handling. But I started to learn- to talk with more experienced people, look how they prepare dogs, read.
Thanks to dogs, I got to know many friends.
My other hobby are flowers. And flowers are also my job :)