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Our kennel is registered with the Polish Kennel Club (since 10.04.2001, reg. no. 2959/P) and with FCI (754/07)

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16 July 2010
Some photos from Paris.
11 July 2010
CAMARO Pumilo - son of our Tootsie and Moon River:
BOB Junior at World Dog Show in Paris!
We are very proud of him :)
A lot of things has been going on in our kennel recently; English version of our website is now more or less complete :)
24 September 2010 New shih-tzu litter (T) after Salina Lady Black Dotyk Anioła and Santorini Boss Sun of Tybet.
6 June 2010 New photos of Moon River Sun of Tybet and some new photos of litter C2 with their mother.
29 May 2010 Our results at international dog show in ŁódŸ, CACIB + Club dog show in Opole and national show in Tartu (Estonia). More coming soon.
28 May 2010 New shih-tzu litter (C2) after Ziams Tootsie Swootsie and Moon River Sun of Tybet.
26 February 2010 We proudly present our black and white shih-tzu Ziams LET'S DANCE (Junior).
22 January 2010 New shih-tzu litter P2 after Koka and Santi.
29 November 2009 New photos of Midnight Dream Sun of Tybet.
26 November 2009 New photos of Dixi. Next month she will turn 7.
22 November 2009 Our results from Kielce.
20 October 2009 Our results from Mateszalka (Hungary), Arad (Romania), Bratislava (World Dog Show).
18 August 2009 Photos of GINGER Pumilo.
3 August 2009 New photos of litter after Selena and Santorini.
25 July 2009 We present litter H - puppies after Angel and Santi
18 July 2009 New photos of shih tzu puppies.
Our results and photos from Szekesfehervar (Hungary), Lublin and ŁódŸ
2 July 2009 Shih-tzu puppies after Selena Pumilo and Santorini Boss Sun of Tybet were born yesterday.
See litter M2
24 June 2009 New photos of yorkshire terriers from litter R.
22 June 2009 New photos of yorkshire terrier Lobelia Pumilo.
2 May 2009 New photos of Summertime Blues Pumilo and Firletka Pumilo, thanks to their owners:).
30 April 2009 New photos of shih tzu puppies.
14 April 2009 Our results from Szilvasvarad (Hungary).
11 April 2009 Our results from Katowice and Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki.

I've also added new photos to the galleries of Fikander & Soni + Lara, Lawenda & Firletka
30 March 2009 New photos of shih-tzu puppies.
14 March 2009 We present yorkshire terrier puppies after Bella and shih-tzus after Koka & Santorini.
15 February 2009 Results & photos from Rzeszów (international dog show).

Dancing Shoes Pumilo, daughter of our Santi and Dixi was chosen to be 1 BIS Puppy on Saturday at dog show in Bydgoszcz.
28 December 2008 2 girls and 3 boys after Nighty Pumilo and Stg Pepper Pumilo were born on December 23rd in Dog in the Wood kennel.
+ new photos of dogs from Pumilo - Summertime Blues, Day Tripper and Coffee Bean.
21 December 2008 Christmas as a main theme of photos of Santorini :)
+ new photos of puppy from our kennel - Strawberry Fields
7 December 2008 Photos of puppies from Pumilo: Ami, Gizmo, Dalila, Rysia, Daisy & Sagi. Thanks a lot to new owners!
22 November 2008 Results & photos from Kielce (national dog show).
15th November 2008 • Some information from shows at:
-Shekesfehervar (Hungary)
-Szombathely (Hungary)
-Ozd (Hungary)
-Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki
14th July 2008 Short "photoreport" ;) - our dogs at cavies show
• New photos of litter D.
• And some photos of Fikander Pumilo. :)
3rd July 2008 Thanks to owners of yorkie Lobelia and shih-tzu Ami (Alice In Wonderland) for some new photos. :)
A few days ago new layout appeared here. Hope you like it ;)
29th June 2008 Photos of litter D.
22th June 2008 Photos of litter S2.
20th June 2008 r. On 13th June, Friday puppies after Dixi and Santi were born. LITTER D. :)
12th June 2008 Some photos from national dog show in Radom.
10th June 2008 New photos of puppies.
Results and photos from national dog show in Lublin.
31th May 2008 New photos of litter S2 - shih tzus. You believe or not, they are even sweeter in reality.
18th May 2008 Little something about Joy... :)
17th May 2008 I've taken a lot of photos of puppies
Congratulations to the owners of yorkie Firletka Pumilo- at the dog show in St. Gallen she was 3rd in Junior Class. :)
14th May 2008 Puppies after Selena Pumilo & Kubuœ (Gallant Red Boy ze Slavonina) were born on Sunday, 11 May.
3 girls & 4 boys.

Latest show results of Santi /Forrest/:
Opole, club show: V2, excellent
Opole, international: V1, exc
Budapest, 10 May: V1, exc (3 in competition)
Budapest, 11 May: V1, exc (4 in competition)
He's on his way to become Hungarian Junior Champion.
Krzysiek, thanks a lot!
23rd April 2008 Our results from the dog show in Częstochowa.
12th April 2008 Thanks to the owners of Molly (Ai Means Love) & Ami (Alice in Wonderland) for some new photos. It's nice to see these girls live so happily.
9th April 2008 Update on Forrest's page.
29th March 2008 At the dog show in Jarosław Angel became Polish Junior Champion.
I'm adding a few photos. The main theme is winter. In spring.
28th February 2008 New photos of litter A. Yorkies Bittersweet & Blondie and shih-tzu All My Loving have already went to their new homes.
Some changes in "With new owners" page
18th January 2008 New photos of litter A (shih-tzu).
12th January 2008 New photos of yorkshire terriers from litter B.
5st January 2008 New photos of shih-tzu puppies.
31st December 2007 córka Koki Good news :)
-23rd December Bella gave birth to 6 yorkies,
-shih-tzu puppies after Koka were born yesterday.
9th October 2007 Angel National dog show in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki - shih-tzus' results and photos.
3rd October 2007 Tootsie, Woody Photos and results of national dog shows in Warsaw and ŁódŸ.
30th August 2007 Majlo + Tootsie i Moony New photos of our BMD Majlo.
29th August 2007
Photos and results from international dog shows in Białystok and Sopot.
30th July 2007 I made new layout for our homepage and finally, there's also English version. The whole website can be a bit messy at the moment... but that's about to be fixed! ;)
27th July 2007
New photos of Dixi (I'm Black And White Christmas Dream Bast).
23rd July 2007
Photos of Angie (Salina Lady Black Dotyk Anioła) and a few photographs of Tootsie.
New entry on our photoblog on Dogomania forum.
12th July 2007
Photos of litter f.
3rd June 2007
Moony i Tootsie
Recenty, we became owners of 2 lovely shih-tzu females from swedish kennel Ziams- Magic Mistress and Tootsie Swootsie! Leslie-Anne & Lars Bergqvist, we would like to thank you for these lovely girls!

1st June: Yorkshire terrier puppies after Muza Pumilo & Eternal Love Trixi are born.

At the dog show in Cracow, Selena Pumilo completed her Polish Championship and her sister Solarisavis Girl Pumilo became Interchampion. Congratulations to Kissy and her owners!

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